Create the Life You Truly Deserve!

Build an authentic, intentional, & fulfilling midlife around the things that spark your soul!


The Soul Sparked community is a soul-centric virtual community that empowers smart & soulful midlife women who feel disconnected from their true self, and are lacking a sense of life direction, to reconnect with their inner wisdom and discover what sparks their soul, so they can create a purposeful and fulfilling life that supports who they truly are. 

Soul Sparked serves as a nurturing, supportive and transformative space where members can connect with and uplift each other on our individual journeys to self-discovery, authenticity, and fulfillment in midlife and beyond. 

"The Soul Sparked Collective is THE place to go if you need guidance and support to step into the person you've always known yourself to be, so you can start living from a place of authenticity, freedom, and joy ." -Michelle O.


The Soul Sparked team is committed to empowering 1,000 smart and soulful women to step into their feminine power and align their life with their deepest passions and desires, so they can live a more authentic, fulfilling, and soul-aligned life on their own terms. If you're ready to start living the life you deserve -- your very best life, then Soul Sparked is the place for you. 



The Soul Sparked Collective is the perfect place for you if:

✔️ you feel confused and overwhelmed about what to do with the rest of your life and wonder if your best years are behind you

✔️ you want something more from life but aren't sure what that looks like or what path to take

✔️ you've had enough of living someone else's vision for your life and you are ready to reclaim your life and put your needs and desires first

✔️ you want to feel more meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in your life and are seeking clarity about what that looks like for you and the best next steps to take 

✔️ you're ready to connect with your true authentic self and live life unapologetically and on your own terms

✔️you desire a deeper connection with source and are ready to step into your divine feminine power 

✔️you want support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability as you move forward and create a new life path for yourself


The community is based around the four core pillars of the Soul Sparked Life Design Framework™️. Each pillar serves as wayfinding markers to keep you on track along your journey to envisioning, designing, and living your ideal life. 

CONNECTION   Who Are You Really -- the Real, Authentic You?

Connecting with your highest self is a transformative process of self-discovery that helps you tap into your core essence and define what truly matters to you, so you can start living from a place of genuine authenticity where you no longer feel the need to wear masks or play roles to please others. Instead you can finally revel in the beauty of being unapologetically yourself while enjoying a deep sense of freedom, liberation, and self-empowerment. 

 CLARITY   What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

The biggest benefit of knowing who you are is that it also brings clarity about your passions, dreams, and desires and helps to illuminate your path, and guide you towards your true purpose. Clarity causes the fog of uncertainty and doubt to dissipate and the chaos of confusion and indecision to subside, bringing forth a profund sense of knowing that acts as a compass that always points you in the direction of your dreams.

 CONGRUENCE  Are Your Actions Aligned With What You Want?

Making decisions and taking actions in alignment with your values, dreams, and desires cultivates a life rich in purpose and fulfillment and nurtures a profound sense of satisfaction and contentment which empowers you to navigate the twists and turns of life with intention and focus and empowers you to navigate life with intention, focus, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose. 

 CONSISTENCY   Are You Taking Consistent & Intentional Action?

Achieving your soul goals and manifesting your desired life vision requires consistent and focused thought and action.  Consistency is one of the best things we can do to ensure that our lives stay in flow and that we maximize our life experience.   


Inside the Soul Sparked Collective you'll find all the content, community, nurturing, and support you need to envision, design, create, and live an authentic and fulfilling life of freedom, purpose, and flow. There are multiple membership tiers so you only pay for the support and options you need 

If you are ready to get unstuck and finally create the midlife of your dreams, the Soul Sparked Co️mmunity gives you all of the support, guidance, and tools you need to turn your life vision into reality soyou can live life on your own terms without apologies or regrets!

The Soul Sparked Community is on the Mighty Networks platform. Download the app on your mobile device using the links or QR code below to keep connected to the community on the go.